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Christmas Wish(es) #2

Earlier today I posted one of my christmas wishes, and I thought I might as well post some of the others – so here it is:

1Chopping board by Nicolas Vahé. Small slate plate by Nicolas Vahé. Glass for candles by BY Nord.

Muuto Corky Decanter. Muuto Silent Vase.

ønske3Copper, brass and wooden lamp by MADE BY U

Markbergh Clutch. Mango floral print bomper jacket. 




Christmas Wish #1

Yesterday i found another wish for christmas – a bit late I know. It’s one of the Replica fragrances by Maison Martin Margiela: “Funfair Evening”. I usually use Amour by Kenzo, which is a soft and sweet fragrance, and this one has a bit of the same. I think their own description suits it very well:

“In the warm night air, the sound of laughter and playful melodies. The obscurity is broken by splashes of multicoloured neon. Colour reigns vibrant and explosive. An odour of candy fills the air. From the first breath, the ambiance of the funfair comes to mind.”


Danish Design

Normann Recipe

Normann Copenhagen displays their products on the Spotted by Normann Copenhagen blog. I love their food posts, I think is is a smart and inspiring way to showcase their designs. I could perfectly imagine most of their stuff in my kitchen.
Poppy Seed Pastry served on the Krenit Dish (recipe)
Sandwich served on the Mormor Blue Buttering Board (recipe)

Apple Trifle served in a Long Dring glass (recipe)
Omelet served on the Mormor Plate (recipe)