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Christmas Wish(es) #2

Earlier today I posted one of my christmas wishes, and I thought I might as well post some of the others – so here it is:

1Chopping board by Nicolas Vahé. Small slate plate by Nicolas Vahé. Glass for candles by BY Nord.

Muuto Corky Decanter. Muuto Silent Vase.

ønske3Copper, brass and wooden lamp by MADE BY U

Markbergh Clutch. Mango floral print bomper jacket. 



Danish Design

Nordic Tales

Nordic Tales is modern Scandinavian design. I have two of the Bright Sprout lamps with a big Edison lightbulb hanging in my hallway – I love them! They look so beautiful, and the packaging is beautiful as well!

nordic1 nordic2nordic nordic4

Visit their website here or follow their facebook page here